In 2014, I started studying Course A215 in Creative Writing at the Open University and found I couldn’t stop. I was delighted to get a distinction and signed up for Advanced Creative Writing in 2015-16. Unfortunately I had to drop out of the course due to family issues which also resulted in a massive gap on this blog. Issues resolved I returned to re-start the OU course next year and found that they had launched a brand new MA in Creative Writing. As I already have a BA in English Lit I decided to apply and here I am on the brink of starting in September. I began this blogspace in 2015 to chart my thoughts, ideas and scribblings as I learn because writing, any writing, breeds ideas so here I go again.

In my year away from study, I wrote a few stories and entered a few competitions some of which got published here and there. You can read some of them on this site if you fancy it, just click on the links in ‘Flash Fiction.’

As well as being a student of words I’m also a mum, sister, wife and daughter, friend, pet enabler ( for that read pug servant) and student of the tricky business of being a decent human being.

All the stories and poems pasted here are written by me and therefore my copywrite.

If you would like to reproduce anything please ask.

My e-mail is jankaneen@aol.com Thanks

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