I started studying creative writing at the Open University in 2015, doing their wonderful undergrad module, A215 – and found I couldn’t stop. I was delighted to finish with a distinction and signed up for their Advanced Creative Writing course. Unfortunately I had to drop out due to family issues, but issues resolved, I returned the following year to find they’d launched a brand new MA in Creative Writing. As I already have a BA in English Lit I decided to apply and started the two-year part-time study at the end of  2016. I was awarded an MA in Creative Writing (with distinction) in December 2018 and  graduated at the Barbican on March 23rd 2019.  Here’s a picture of me and grumpy husband before the ceremony. Don’t worry about his grumpy face. Its his default setting on photos.

Anyhoo, in my year away from study, I entered a few writing competitions and did quite well, which gave me confidence to do some more. To date (2020) I’ve been short and long-listed for the following competitions: Fish Short Story Competition, Bath Short Story Competition, Reflex Flash, The National Flash Fiction Day Drabble Competition, Bath Flash Fiction Award, Flashback Drabble Competition, Flash 500, TSS Flash, The Chester Prize for Literature, Ink Tears Flash, Weird Christmas Flash Comp, Writers HQ Flash Comp, Retreat West Monthly Drabble Comp and Micro Madness 2019. I’ve also been highly commended in Inktears Short Story Comp and A Story for Daniel; came third in Scribble’s Annual short story competition, second in the Ely Short Story Award and Ellipsis Magazine’s Novella-in-flash and Flash Collection Competition 2019, in Molotov Cocktail’s Wild Flash Comp and 10th in their Monster comp in 2019. I came 4th in winter 2019 Sixthfold competition and I’ve won: The Molotov Cocktail Flash Felon competition, Ad Hoc Fiction, Zero Flash, Retreat West Flash Competition and Horror Scribes. You can read some of these stories on this site if you fancy it, just click on the links. I’ve also been published round and about over the last couple of years,  in print and on-line, most recently in FlashBack Fiction, Flash Flood 2019 who nominated my story for best micro 2020 and Ellipsis.  Links to all these stories are also up on this blog. I now teach flash fiction and short story writing to adult learners at the Ivo Adult Education centre and am currently in the process of applying to do a PhD. My best ever piece of writing news came in June 2019 when I signed my first publishing contract with brilliant indy publisher of literary gorgeousness, Retreat West Books, who are going to publish my memoir-in-flash (yes that is a literary form, well it is now) The Naming of Bones, which will be out Easter 2021.

As well as being in love with words I’m a mum, granny, sister, wife and daughter, friend, pet enabler and student of the tricky business of being a decent human being. Thanks for visiting my teeny blogspace. All the stories and poems posted here are written by me and therefore my copywrite. If you would like to reproduce anything just ask. My e-mail is jankaneen@aol.com


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