Here’s a link to a poem I had published on the brilliant Strange Poetry site


I wrote the poem below at a workshop run by the wonderful Caroline Gilfillan whilst I was doing course A215 at the OU


A too hot holiday afternoon,

too hot for sticky little children

waiting for the sound of Granny’s car.

Your batman sandals lie abandoned

by the window as you


by the window,

itching for the sound of Granny’s car.


The swoosh of toe-wriggling tires and

she’s here, with an undiscovered box.

Ripped open, torn apart, scattered on

the dry grass it delivers its gift.

‘A puggle,’ you breathe,


brought a puggle,’

then you dash inside for something vital.


We pump up the pool and fill it fast

and wait and wait. She calls you. I call

you, our smiles slipping. Then there you are

a ta-dah at the door wearing wellies,

green frog wellies,


green frog wellies

and a melon wedge, rainy day smile.

2 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Jan, I’ve just come across this. How brilliant to see that your writing is going from strength to strength. I remember this poem … All best wishes, Caroline

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Caroline, how lovely to hear from you. So pleased you stumbled across my wee page. That poem always reminds me of you and that brilliant workshop which I so enjoyed. Hope you are well and full of ideas. Much gratitude and very best wishes, Jan


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