Writing this dead quick before taking Harry to football to make sure I get it done. Clarey just left after a lovely morning and evening. Curled her hair for her because she’s going boxing in Wakefield which is a really weird confluence of opposites. I’ve never curled hair before but she has a genius gizmo she brought back from Canada last year that does it for you and I managed not to set fire to her though the smoke/steam – not sure which – was a bit disturbing. My idea of doing you hair is blow-drying your fringe before you put it up, wet in  a claw clip.

The Shakespeare last night was fab though Prospero kept forgetting his lines. That’s all part of the charm with local productions I reckon. Miranda was properly brill and Ariel was weirdly effective. Dins was lovely too and the rain spotted not poured. Its weird with outdoor theatre how the mood changes from light and open when in the daylight to dark and intimate as they night closes in. Lovely to see Stuart who we’ve taken to the show for two years now.  He used to go with Clare’s Uncle Podge,  for twenty years or so (they were best fiends.) Podge died two few years ago and at his funeral we arranged to take Stuart to help him grieve. Its become a ritual with the doing it again this year.

They say that next year they’re going to do Pericles which doesn’t seem like the obvious choice for a small amateur troupe in the fens but we’re definitely going to go just to see how they manage with it.  Right off now with a light heart knowing that I finally made time for my blog.

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