Back on the blog then after yet another hiatus caused, this time by George’s illness. This is the short version of what happened – he was admitted to hospital which was very traumatic, put on drips of antibiotics, morphine and steroids because his tonsils exploded with a secondary infection. He came home  after a couple of sleeps, got very ill again, finished another course of antibiotics but the throat infection came back, got put on another course of antibiotics then caught another virus (doc says this is common when your immune system is weakened by the glandular fever) and has just, in the last couple of days, started to feel betterish – though he’s still completely knackered.

Didn’t therefore get my poems into Molotov cocktail in time for the deadline or enter the story I’d written to Retreat West for their themed flash comp ‘Riches’ (slept though deadline.) Hey ho – will hold them until something relevant comes up because I’ve re-read them this morning and I think they’re ok.

Did get my piece ‘We’re Going to Pick Daddy Up’ into the Flash Flood for National Flash Fiction day though so that was good. Make note to enter a story next year for potential inclusion in their anthology.

Off to Shakespeare at the George for dins and The Tempest this evening, in the outside Courtyard with Clarey and Stuart. Sky looks like thunder so it should be interesting. Intending to always blog from now onwards. Hope nothing happens to scupper my plans.

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