Have had to decamp to tiny house due to Wi-Fi failure at home and approaching deadline for MA course. The Wi-Fi was off all last night and I have to post a piece of writing between 500 and 2000 words into the course Workshop by 19/12/2016. The idea of the Workshop is to get detailed feedback for work in progress from your peers before submission. Ten percent of the TMA’s marks are awarded for this so it must be done. I’ve written nowt as the deadline for the finished TMA02 isn’t until February. Unfortunately the workshop draft has to be in weirdly early so must write like a dervish today and tomorrow to get something up. It needn’t be finished or anything, just posted and I needn’t use what I post for the final TMA so its not a disaster. Also I do have an idea that’s been percolating for days but nothing written yet. Its creative non-fiction so I need to do internet research as I go along so the Wi-Fi is crucial unfortunately also I obviously need to access the OU site to submit it, so decampment was a necessity. I upped sticks  at 7am when the Wi-Fi was still well and truly buggered. Will not return until all done or the deadline has passed and I’ve posted any old crap, so may be here for a night or two.

Loads of unsatisfactoriness has happened course-wise since I last blogged but I won’t write about it until its resolved. Instead here is a link to a weird poem I have published today on the Strange Poetry site https://strangepoetry.wordpress.com/2016/12/17/jan-kaneen-putting-my-face-on/

Oh yes and here’s the draft cover for the Molotov Cocktail Anthology. Feels so good to have my name here with all these fabulously strange small story  writers.


Right, enough of this procrastination. Let the speed writing commence!


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