Have wanted to blog for a couple of days but have been too busy. The ‘busy-ness’ came from:

Doing the pub quiz Thursday night  with  Hel, Al and Lozza and her new ‘not boyfriend’ Michael who’s a really good egg. (We came third)

Taking Kat to the airport on Friday. (She’s gone to see her mum in Hungary pre-Christmas). I had thought I was taking her to Stansted (no probs – straight down the M11) but it turned out to be Luton Airport (very congested A428, then A1, then A6, then through millions of tiny villages as my satnav avoided massive hold-ups.)  Coming back was worse. It was tipping down and the M1 was shut due to an accident so I had to take the A505 which was  chocker.

Rugby on Saturday, which was the most exciting match I’ve ever been to. Harry played really well. They won 32-30, so it was very close, then I had to take him to a party.

When I got back Bob was here to tell us about his new Polish girlfriend who lives somewhere near Gdansk and is coming for Christmas, then the Fishburnes came for dinner (takeaway curry cos there was no time to cook) then we all got sloshed.

The reason I’ve been wanting to blog, is that I’ve had a very good writing week. It’s funny good writing weeks sort of come from nowhere because there’s such a delay between writing stories and them being published/winning competitions. The good news is that I’m having a flash published in the Bath Flash Anthology, a story called Humbuggery that I wrote doing A215. Jude emailed me Wednesday so that was good, then Thursday morning, in between going to school and doing the chickens, I checked my e-mails to find out I’d been nominated for a Pushcart award (in 2018 so I won’t know for yonkers) but I’m soooo excited. Here’s the link to The Pushcarts http://www.pushcartprize.com/ which is very well-respected and really, really worth being nominated for. It was Molotov Cocktail who nominated me for ‘The London Umbrella Company’, which is linked here in the ‘Flash’ section. I’m particularly pleased to have been nominated amongst writers whose work I genuinely love, including that of FE Clarke for her simply brilliant flash,  ‘The Solstice Shade’ which you can read by following this link https://themolotovcocktail.com/vol-7/flash-icon/solstice-shade/

wheretheideasareRight going to make myself  brew, but first here is my picture painted by the same FE Clarke, who is also an uber talented artist as mentioned previously here. The picture’s called ‘Where the Ideas Are’ and I love it. Every time you stare at it you see something new.


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