Got the Ad Hoc Fiction entry off this morning,  after a sleepless night looking after poor George who’s got glandular fever and is soooo sick. The prompt is ‘slate.’ Will paste it in ‘Flash’ on here if it gets published in this week’s edition.

I’m trying to write a spooky poem for Molotov Cocktail’s first poetry competition (Molotov Cocktail is an E-zine that I absolutely love, its weird and spooky and funny and badass and I won their last flash fiction competition called Flash Felon, with a story called The London Umbrella Company which is on this site in the Flash section) but can’t really focus because Georgy keeps needing his sick bucket and iced water and medication which he never keeps down, not for the last 24 hours. If he’s no better tomorrow I’ll have to get the doctor out I think. Still at least I’ve kept to my resolution to write here.

Off to empty the sick bucket again (actually its a Pyrex bowl .)


Back to the blog then after a seven month hiatus caused by family thises and that’s. I might not have been able to study and I might have had to postpone my course work but I have been writing and I have had a wee bit of teeny success with some Flashes and Shorts. If you go to the flash button on the main page here, you can read some of my wins. Looking forward to starting study on the Open University’s brand new MA Creative writing in September. Hope this academic year goes a bit more smoothly than last. Anyhoo onwards and upwards, going to write an Ad Hiction this aftie.