Feeling very dozy this morning after staying up three nights in a row watching th’Olympics. It was so exciting watching the cyclists win last night. Laura Trott was wonderfully normal, crying like a real person at her final gold then crying more when her fiancé won his. I watched the gymnastics and Amy Tinkler win bronze despite having done her GCSE’s before the comp. Results when she gets home. What a superstar! Watched the swimming and team UK get a silver, then the boxing. When all that had finished I watched the biggest bunch of Eastern Europeans I’ve ever seen smashing the weight lifting world record. Think I’m getting addicted. I did this last time in 2012 then felt dead miserable when it had finished – post Olympics blues – what a dolt I am. It was the same feeling I got as a child when I’d finished all the Narnia books and there were none left to read. I’m already worrying about getting it instead of simply enjoying it all. Will paste pics of 2012 tomoz. Saw Mo Farrah get one of his golds in 2012 and Usain Bolt win the 100 metres. It was so amazing.

Its weird being up late in the hols. I see quite a lot more of the boys, bumping into them and their mates in the kitchen. Harry came home late last night with a couple of friends who stayed over. I haven’t seen one of them for a couple of years and I didn’t recognise him. He used to be a teeny, ordinary sort of boy. He’s now six foot two massive. Hench the boys say. I think its ‘hench’ it might be ‘henge.’It means built like a brick shithouse. Funny how they invent new words. ‘Rare’ is another one they say all the time meaning ‘a bit weird’ and ‘special,  ‘a one off.’

On the writing front am finishing a weird little flash about getting old, written as a series of instructions about firelighting. Will finish it today and send it off to Halo Litzine which is a new Flash mag for women. Have had a couple of stories published or accepted for publication which is good news but will write about that tomorrow as have to go to railway station now.

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