Lots has happened course-wise since my last blog: my tutor resigned, our tutor group got decommissioned, and we all got split up the day before the deadline!.

It was very stressful because we all got tipped out of our tutor group just like that, without any warning at all. One minute we were all beavering away in the group, exchanging critiques on each others’ work, (worth 10% of total TMA mark) the next we were suddenly in other groups, unable to get back. It was very upsetting as we couldn’t access each other’s comments for referencing, right at the point we needed them and each other most.

One of the group went into another forum called the Cafe, which is staffed all the time – and complained. After a night of shenanigans, our connectivity to our original group was reinstated, but now we all have different tutors and new tutor groups too. I guess we get the best of both worlds – new tutor groups, new tutors and the old one so its worked out okay in the end I suppose.

I am soooo pleased with my new tutor, who was up until eleven the night of the de-tutoring, trying to sort things out for me. She’s helpful, insightful and thorough, and I got a distinction for my TMA02 – so all is good.

Currently I’m working on TMA03 which is Fiction again – a 2500 word short story with which I’m going to be very avant garde. I don’t need this to score well to pass, so I’m going to do something very different and experimental, to see if it works. I’m going to disregard some of the conventions of short story telling, by writing in four completely different voices, telling four (maybe five if I can get it done) complete flash fictions that are linked by subject matter and theme that, read together, will reveal a deeper truth about the human condition.

It will be very labour intensive and time-consuming as the story(ies) will span seven hundred years, three continents, and will each need researching as if they were stand alone pieces, but I reckon its worth attempting, because even if it goes tits, it wont matter MA grade-wise and hopefully I’ll learn loads.

Other writing wise I’ve done very little except enter Bath Flash and submit to Scribble, so everything is a bit quiet on the being published front at the moment. Right off to the forum to see who’s about.



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