Schools Out for EVER

Today is the day that I’ve at once been dreading and looking forward to for the last thirty four and three quarter  years. Harry finished his A levels on Wednesday and flew to Magaluf last night and as he’s the youngest of our four kids, Nick and me are home alone for a week. This being the case I’m in the hobbit hole writing and it feels really weird not having to dash hither and yon at the drop of a hat. This weekend therefore,  I aim to do some long writing novel wise. Recently I’ve found myself writing many micros as you can zip in and out of them without feeling like you’re being ripped from a different time and place. But before I immerse myself thought I’d do a quick update here.

Last time I wrote about entering democratic comps where people vote for your story. The once I found the most useful was Sixfold. I subbed an experimental short story that was a bit marmite. Of the five votes cast it got 2 top marks, 2 bottom marks and 1 middle mark. The feedback was mostly useful though, so I’ll do it again but with something a bit more mainstream.

In terms of other subs I was shortlisted for Retreat West’s new micro comp, here’s the link  I can’t say which is mine as the vote’s still open but there’s still time to vote if you fancy it (closes 24th June). I think its much better having anonymous voting. I entered a comp last month where people vote knowing who wrote what and its a bit more like an on-line popularity contest than about the writing, I reckon.

Here’s a link for Micro Madness in New  Zealand.  The winning submission is published today 22 June 2019 (the shortest day in New Zealand) I’m very pleased to say I made the shortlist of 22 micros, from a record year of entries. My drabble is at 7th June of you fancy a read.

Comp entry wise I’ve also been longlisted for the Bath Short Story competition which I’m dead chuffed about. Its the first time I’ve entered and there were over 1400 entries!

Submissions wise I’ve had a story accepted by Flashback Fiction but I don’t know when they’re going to publish it yet. I’ve also entered their next drabble comp about the moon.

Other comps I’m going enter this month are Molotov prompt Nature, and Retreat West monthly comp, prompt – the wind.

Both entries are written and just need a final polish and which I’m going  send off today before falling back into the novel.

Right better make the most of my childless weekend and crack on. Its going to be sooo weird when Harry goes to Uni – so much writing time.


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