So I find myself having to stay up till 1 o clock, waiting to pick up my teenage son and his mates from a party and have decided to take this opportunity of enforced wakefulness to write a wee blog entry.

Had a lovely time last weekend with a visit from the Asplin family who stayed for three sleeps. Clarey and I have known each other since our kids were in pre-school. She left the village to live in Yorkshire a couple of years ago and now we see much more of each other than we ever did when she lived round the corner.

Finally used the pizza oven Sunday night for the first time since May and had a few friends and rellies over. The weather has been so pants at the weekends all through summer so far that its been almost impossible to use it but it was warm and clear last Sunday so we took advantage.

Stayed at Bob’s last night. We had dins in Biggleswade which was lovely. Had an espresso martini. It will not be my last.Writing wise I’ve been working on a short story which is a weird take on The Snow Queen and two flashes, one for Molotov cocktail for their Flash Icon comp which finishes tomorrow. Not sure I’ll get it finished or send it off if I do. Will look at it in the morning and see if I like it enough. Feels weird entering a comp I’ve won recently – a bit like setting yourself up for disappointment. The current story is ok but not as good as the one that won but I’m of the opinion that a story isn’t finished until its been read so it would be daft not to send it out into the world. As a writer you have to get used to rejections and blanks so I hope I do have the courage to end it off even if it is imperfect. I’m also working on a smaller flash called Mixed Messages which I’m finding difficult to edit as its very emotive and I get upset every time I try to polish it. Think its finished now though so might send that out into the world tomorrow too just so its out there.

Off to Granny Dots tomorrow lunchtime with the family. My friend is house sitting whilst we’re away for a couple of nights. She’ll look after the pugs and chickens. Dot’s been very unwell and can’t visit us here so its a drive to Winchester for me. Must google the nearest swimming pool so as not to miss my half mile swims whilst I’m there. Went to see the doc today about the pain in my shoulder. Its a rotary cuff prob and will be much improved if I keep up the swimming so intend to… keep up the swimming.

HeIMG_1105re’s a pic of Clarey winning her first boxing match. She’s back in training now for the next bout. Really should write this into a short story. The stuff she’s done over the last couple of years is truly extraordinary.

Right signing off. It’s 12.30 and time to get the boy. Hope he remembers this when I’m an annoying, weird old lady who smells of wee who he wants to put into a home.

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