Am writing this drinking a humungus vat of excellent coffee at Granny Dot’s dining table. We’ve had a swift visit to New Arlesford that ends lunchtime today. We’ve had big chats, yummy food, probs too much good white wine and massive family dins with Nick’s cousin Ben and his family. All our kids are growing up so quickly. Three of them are now teenagers. It weird to watch how their behaviours to one another change. They saw each other once or twice a year when they were wee and fell into easy play. Now as teenagers the awkwardness is palpable especially at first and the gender gap has widened. I know its only a phase and all will reconfigure itself when they get past these trickerty years but it does make you feel for them all.

Soooo fab to see Ben and Lisa though. They don’t change. If anything they’re getting younger. Ben told us a funny, funny tale about his dad being a touch riske (can’t find an acute accent) with the middle aged, middleclass housewives of Hexham. Will write it into a flash fiction be because its really funny.

Read a chapter written by Dot in a consciousness book and its so full with potential for flashes that I’ve asked her to send me it digitally. So very many weird happenings which you (for that read I) couldn’t make up.

Right I’m off now. Sleepy teenagers to shoehorn off the sofa bed.


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