Up and at ’em early this morning to get boys off to rugby then re-wrote the story that I didn’t enter into this week’s Ad Hoc fiction. Let me explain. I wrote said  150 word story for and writing it made me cry – about the kids growing up – but I pressed the wrong button and didn’t sent it correctly so it was never entered. Bit of a bugger really because I tweeted how it had made me cry and a couple of lovely tweeps replied saying good luck and they’d try to guess which one it was. (Ad Hoc is judged by public vote and each piece is published anonymously). Tweeted again after I’d re-written it so they don’t waste their time tying to suss out which was mine! Had to be re-written as the prompt changes each week but as luck would have it this week’s prompt worked better and the story improved in the re-writing so all was good in the end.

Also finished my flash for Retreat West and one I’m saving for Sunday best. Not sure where I’ll send it. Its in 300 or 500 words so many options. Its not right for Bath I don’t think – bit dark. Might be better at Bare Fiction. Might send diff versions off to both. Need to win Ad Hoc first though to get a free entry! So not counting my chickens.

Did my blog at OU too so had quite a busy morning. Boys will be back anon then must go back home.

Reading OU manuals not going very well – keep managing to not prioritise them – so typical of me! Having read ‘getting started’ in the recommended readings list I have had  couple of ideas for the short stories I need to submit though. First is 2500 words short story fiction, second 2500 words Creative Non-fiction third is 4000 fiction. By a couple I mean three. One is v dark, one vv dark and the other seriously disturbing so I think my genre is horror/gothic scariness. No change there then.

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