Finally read the blurb at the OU Website this morning bout the following: Forums and netiquette; Assessments; how to the use the on-line library, (I read it but still don’t know how to very well and I couldn’t download the reader program so gave up.) How to attend on-line webinars – but again couldn’t find the software to download so gave up on that too.

Will get Bob to do it for me next time he’s here and has time. He was here this morning as he’s taking H golfing for his birthday pressie but then was not the time. H was back late from a sleepover which he cycled to and from but they’re off now for the day for a full round and dins. Hope they have a good time. Not much else to report except no more studying for me today. Got to do the ironing and its more a small planet’s worth than a mere mountain. Still now I’ve navigated round the ‘how to’ stuff on the MA site I can start the coursework which is to read the first 4 chapters of the course book for Course A215 and to start keeping a notebook. Beginning  tomorrow therefore, I shall get religious with da notebook again. Haven’t used one properly since last year as when I’m not doing  a course I do on-line jottings in a very higgledy-piggledy way, putting story ideas here and there in random folders and unfiled fragments that I can’t always find which is no good at all for OU courses where you need to be able to track ur progress through time, logging ur development.

An actual hard copy notebook is soooo much better when ur doing exercises because it gives you a timeline page by page to refer back to. My on-line ramblings jump from file to file and don’t refer to each other and are therefore very hard to recall.I will get a new mahoosive notebook tomorrow as I got through two for A215 and I want to keep it all together this time. I have also started a tiny notebook just for keywords then every time I come across a new word that I want to learn I put it in there for dredging out when I do my Commentaries. To explain – every assessed piece of creative writing you do at the OU has to be accompanied by a ‘commentary’ that details your creative process referencing stuff you’ve learned from reading and doing exercises, re character development, plot development, structure, forum/peer feedback, language and editing.) My fav word  added to my notebook this week is Antiphrasis which means saying one thing whilst meaning something else. E.g. if its tipping down and you say ‘nice weather for a picnic’ or if you call your novel Brave New World when its about a dreadful dystopia (like Aldous Huxley did) that’s antiphrasis. I like this word because I do it all the time. My story ”The Time Travellers Daughter’ is full of it (sort of). Which reminds me its been put on-line by Chester University Press. Here’s a link in case you fancy a read – It’s a wee story for free! Right off to do th’ironing then.










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