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Been working hard doing background reading for my MA as well as free writing and doing the exercises from the Course Book A363 which I now have a little more love for. Think I’ve actually learned quite a lot from the problematical ‘splicing chapter.’ All good but very boring to blog about so won’t bother. Had a lovely time with Clarey at weekend who came to stay for a single sleep. Took this picture of the tiny Wisbech garden because it looked luminously green in the grey rain but it hasn’t come out in the photo – must have been the dark light. Have written a couple of Flashes that I quite like and organised my folders so been a busy little



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I am a student of creative writing and this space is for my creative and other scribblings. I'm also a Mum, daughter, wife and sister, friend and human being studying the tricky subject of being a good human being.

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