strange-badgeBeen beavering away at the OU stuff in all my spare time. Re-read the first four chapters of BRB (Big Red Book – a Workbook with Readings for OU Course A215 Creative Writing) and was rejuvenated. Flushed with vigour I then dared to revisit The BBB (Big Blue Book – also a workbook with readings for course A363 – Advanced Creative Writing) and started to falter. The BRB is sooooo good and inspirational and the BBB is sooooooo less so.

Luckily I decided to do the chapter in the BBB written by the writer of the BRB Linda Anderson and found it very useful. Am now doing ‘Splicing the Strands’ which is hard to stay focussed on. (That’s probs why I’m writing this blog.)

Last night when I should have been reading the BBB I sent a poem off to the new webpage ‘Strange Poetry’ which does what it says on the tin. I wrote a weird poem in May for a weird poetry competition in Molotov Cocktail Litzine. I did this when George was very ill in hospital, then when he came home I slept for twelve hours and missed the deadline so its been sitting there ever since, haunting me.

‘Strange Poetry’ got back straight away saying that its exactly the sort of weird they’re looking for and they’ll publish it on 17th December. Will post a link when they do. In the meantime they sent me a sticker to paste where-so-ever I go in cyberspace so that’s what that is then, at the start of this post – my badge of strangeification.

Also my sad story that I cocked up sending last week, is finally up at Ad Hoc Fiction web edition.  Read it again and it still brought a lump to my throat but that’s because its personal not because its brilliant. Just glad someone somewhere will read it.

Also got an e-mail from Molotov Cocktail yesterday asking for my third person details for their anthology in which I have two wee stories. So exciting. Must write them today (I can do one third person plug for each story.) I’ve got to send them my snail mail details too so they can send me my copies of the Anthology when its out. Sooooo exiciting.

Right back to the BBB – got to do a chapter then learn how to use the OU Library.


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