Feel like I’m blinking out into the sunlight after weeks by candlelight writing this. Reason for blog silence has been that the MA has been seriously intense and am nearing the deadline for the first Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA) so can pop out into the real world for a few minutes. The majority of the work is done on my first piece of MA writing. Just need to leave it alone for a couple of days and do corrections, thus have time for this.

Feels like a lifetime since I was here. My tutor group is so brilliant and I have spent more time in cyberspace with them than in reality over the last six weeks. Your tutor group is everything on this course, it seems. I have no idea who my tutor is as a person or a writer. I think we will get to know her better once she’s marked the first TMA but for now she’s an enigma, deliberately so I feel, whilst we all get to know each other in Forumland.

I’m quietly pleased with my draft TMA, and I have written another one too, its not polished but it nearly is, called The Morning After the Night Before. I have three stories almost ready for sending out into the word too, so when I’m done with this TMA on Monday, I’ll polish them up and get them out.

Last week I won Retreat West Flash Fiction Comp with a 500 word flash entitled ‘Flakes’ which I’ll put on here in a mo. I bought a picture painted by the uber-talented artist FE Clarke with my winnings. I’ll post a pic of the pic when it arrives. Its called  Where the Ideas Are and I can’t wait to get it on my wall.

I am at home at the moment because Harry has the flu, so am sitting in the hobbit house. I have taken two photos one inside, one out because one is cosy and one is gorgeously autumnal. Here they are.

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