So my first Tutor Marked Assessment went in yesterday and I have spent the last two days in a creative dearth. Must be knackered from all the creativity. Luckily I’ve had loads of driving to do so my mental torpor has been a boon rather than a drawback. It must stop tonight, though, because I’m going to start freewriting again and that always releases loads of ideas. I’m going to Bristol on Saturday for the launch of No Bindings in which I have a wee story. Harry has rugby in the morning so I’ve got to drop him off at 7.30am then set off. It will be a long drive but at least the weather is going to be good. I reckon I should get there 12ish with a fair wind.

The results of the TMA are out in ten working days from submission deadline. Deadline is actually tomorrow at 12pm so that means results should be back by 10th December. The next piece is creative non fiction, 2000 words so need to get my thinking cap on. Below is pic of fire all lit and toasty for tonight’s free-write. Maybe I’ll catch a story in the flames.


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